The pressure to perform has never been greater. Markets are fluctuating, expectations have increased, resources are down and workplaces are constantly changing, making it much harder to achieve than ever before.

These unique and complex challenges are impacting confidence. Our focus needs to be on building strong cultures where leaders and teams cope well with pressure and challenging environments, are able to be at their best, and succeed over the long-term.

I work with leaders and teams by equipping them with the toolset, mindset and skillset that they need to thrive.

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Anna Glynn

Speaker | Author | Coach

I’m a speaker, author and coach.

My key role is to translate research into practical strategies to empower leaders and teams to amplify their impact, realise greater results and thrive.

In my practice, I have supported a number of global organisations from a range of industries to achieve long-term sustainable performance, and more.

My mission is to create workplaces where people can be at their best each day and are better off having worked there.


I’m an energetic, insightful and entertaining speaker that focuses on how leaders and teams can thrive. Audiences walk away from my talks thinking differently and motivated to take action.


I am a strengths-based coach, who uses evidence-backed techniques to empower those I work with to be at their best. You’ll move closer towards your goals and learn what’s needed to be succeed in work and life.


My programs have increased the engagement, resilience, wellbeing and performance of teams (and more). I co-create programs with my clients that are practical, measurable, and evidence-backed to ensure behaviour change.

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