Our world is constantly changing and posing new problems. This is our ‘business as usual’. Alongside this, there is greater pressure to perform, increased client expectations, less resources to meet demands, and as a result, burnout is on the rise and quality talent are leaving organisations. To address these challenges, outdated strategies are being used, which aren’t working.

There’s an ability for leaders and teams to thrive despite the ongoing uncertainty, by adopting new skills and approaches that have worked for others. Research from Positive Psychology (and other fields) over the past few decades has uncovered the factors that create thriving organisations. Yet a gap currently exists between what’s known and what’s being prioritised.

Workplaces that have the right skills are able to meet the needs of their teams and empower them to thrive going forward.

Thriving is more than just extraordinary performance. It’s about being energised and engaged at work, having the resilience to cope with setbacks and change, and experiencing great wellbeing like a strong connection to purpose, high-quality relationships and a sense of accomplishment.

When your workers thrive so too does your organisation so it’s a smart strategy for success. Thriving workplaces have more people functioning well, who are ready to meet challenges, able to meet increasing demands with less resources, and have cultures that retain and attract the best talent.

Through speaking, training and coaching, I bridge the gap between research and the real world by sharing evidence-backed strategies to propel you, your team and organisation to thrive.

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Anna Glynn

Speaker | Educator | Coach

I’m a speaker, educator and coach on thriving workplaces.

My key role is to translate the latest research into relatable strategies for organisations to empower their people and performance to thrive.

In my practice, I have supported a number of global organisations from a range of industries to achieve their goals and more.

My mission is to create workplaces where people can be at their best each day and are better off having worked there.


I’m an energetic, insightful and entertaining speaker that focuses on how people and workplaces can be at their best. Audiences walk away from my talks thinking differently and motivated to take action to boost their resilience, engagement, wellbeing and performance.


I have extensive experience in facilitating workshops for a range of audiences and group sizes. Workshops are tailored to meet my client’s specific needs and desired outcomes, and are full of useful insights that build skills and shift mindsets so teams and workplaces can thrive.


My programs have improved the engagement, resilience, wellbeing and performance of teams (and more) whilst boosting the bottom line. I co-create programs with my clients that are practical, measurable, backed by evidence, that meet their goals, achieve results and embed positive change.

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