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Through speaking, training and coaching, I bridge the gap between research and the real world by sharing insights and strategies so you and your team achieve more.

The Challenge

The demands of today’s business landscape are unprecedented and the pressure to perform has never been greater. Markets are constantly fluctuating, expectations are soaring, resources have dwindled and workplaces are always changing, making it much harder to achieve than ever before. These unique and complex challenges not only test our confidence but also impact our people, and our results.

Our focus needs to shift to building strong cultures where leaders and teams thrive under pressure, adapt well to change and consistently deliver over the long-term.

I partner with leaders and teams by equipping them with the essential toolset, mindset and skillset to not just survive but thrive in today’s ever-evolving environment.

Speaker | Author | Coach

Anna Glynn

As a speaker, author and coach, I specialise in translating cutting-edge research into actionable strategies that empower leaders and teams to maximise their impact, drive exceptional results and thrive. In my practice, I've had the privilege of partnering with numerous global organisations spanning diverse industries, guiding them toward long-term sustainable performance and beyond. My mission is to cultivate workplaces where people can be at their best each day, ultimately leaving them better off for having worked there.


I partner with those who want to learn and grow, equipping them with the tools and insights needed to navigate challenges effectively and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

What I Do


I’m an energetic, insightful and entertaining speaker that focuses on how leaders and teams can thrive. Audiences walk away from my talks thinking differently and motivated to take action.


I co-create training experiences with my clients that are impactful, practical, and evidence-backed to ensure behaviour change. These programs have increased the engagement, resilience, wellbeing and performance of teams (and more).


I'm a strengths-based coach, who uses evidence-backed techniques to empower those I work with to be at their best. Clients become more confident, move closer towards their goals and learn what’s needed to thrive.

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What My Clients say


Anna’s engaging style and relevant content resulted in the Thriving Teams Program really hitting the mark with our team. Many of the participants have commented that this was one the most valuable team training programs they have ever been involved in!

State Manager

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

We engaged Anna to support our Sales Conference as her focus on Optimism was highly desired. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, both in the way that Anna delivered the sessions through her facilitation, as well as the content covered. A truly engaging experience for our team, and we look forward to working with Anna again in the future.

Group Director - Client Engagement & Planning

oOh Media

Puzzle Partners engaged Anna to facilitate a workshop for us during our annual team gathering. We have recently been through a significant period of growth and our objective for the session was to establish strong team connections building on the strengths of our experienced puzzlers and incorporating the energy, enthusiasm and talent of our new starters. Anna did a wonderful job of helping us connect as a team, understand our individual strengths and identify how we could use these to achieve amazing outcomes for the team. She has a warm friendly style and we all came away feeling energised, connected and optimistic about the future.

Client Lead

Puzzle Partners

I’m really glad I organised a session with Anna on Thriving Sales Teams. It’s been a tough time for most of us, so it was good for the team to see that they aren’t the only ones finding it difficult at times, and then to hear some tips on what they can do to recover and get back to thriving. Anna has a very engaging style, and moved through the material at a pace that really suited us.

Head of Intermediary

T.Rowe Price Australia

“Unlike other trainers / facilitators that we have experienced in the past, our team connected immediately with Anna. We engaged Anna for Masterclasses over a series of months, and whilst Positive Psychology is the trump card to her expertise, Anna’s got an extraordinary ability to listen to our team members when they felt the need to speak out about their challenges. 14 months later and our team still talks about Anna and the positive influence she had on us. I know most of our team still use one or two of Anna’s strategies every day, and these have been critical for us during this uncertain time. I would be pleased to recommend Anna to any business who have team culture and performance at the forefront of their business plan.”

Senior Director


Anna is a passionate and engaging positive psychology and wellbeing leader, who facilitated a workshop series for Russell Kennedy over three months. Amidst a particularly challenging year, practical and easy- to-implement wellbeing strategies were discussed with staff to add to their toolkit and to make positive change in their own personal and professional lives.

People & Culture Advisor

Russell Kennedy

Anna has the great ability to take complicated concepts and distil them down into ‘real world’ understanding. Her genuine care for the people that she teaches and the subject matter really shines through. If you are committed to continual personal learning, Anna has a lot to teach you.


Tribeca Financial

Anna is a dedicated and professional speaker, who communicates at a personal level. She’s always enthusiastic, making subject matter come to life, whilst delivering with a calming approach to the topic at hand. A mix of tools and movement makes her presentations engaging.

State Manager


Anna came and spoke to our team about some strategies to help us overcome challenges in the workplace and thrive in the environment we work in. All her work was evidence and research based and ranged from Resilience, Optimism and Wellbeing. It was an interactive and enjoyable workshop that the team felt empowered by and came away with tools that they will be able to integrate into their personal and professional lives. Would highly recommend for any business looking to support their employees and get them working in a positive environment.


Belle Property

Anna’s Building Thriving Teams workshop came at a critical time for our business as we rebounded out of a challenging few years. Our senior leadership drew important skills from the workshop with Anna and challenged the way we approached situations. The following weeks and months, our senior leadership elevated their energy and optimism which reflected in positive outcomes for all our business. Anna connected well with the broad range of participants with her engaging and insightful sessions.

General Manager


We engaged Anna for number of workshops focusing on resilience and wellbeing. Anna’s workshops provided a fantastic combination of contemporary theory and practical application. As a result of this work, we engaged Anna to deliver a 3 month Strengths Based Leadership Program. This intensive program was designed for high performing managers and focused on implementing a strengths approach to leadership practice. Anna was able to provide a program rich in evidenced based content that was highly relevant and immediately applicable. Feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive, and improvements in the participants’ leadership practice have been noticeable. It is refreshing to engage with a facilitator who actually understands the importance of performance within an organisational context, and is then able to provide people with the skills to improve their own performance.

Wellbeing, Health and Safety Manager

Vision Australia

Anna was a delight to deal with – understanding exactly what we needed to support the end delivery goal for our business unit, which was a strengths-based focus to our Individual Development Plans. The feedback from colleagues post the sessions have been extremely positive as the knowledge and messages Anna left us all with were uplifting and powerful.

Value Propositions Senior Consultant

MLC Wealth

Anna’s ‘The Strengths Shift’ Masterclass was a game changer for me – it challenged my ideas of self-improvement, highlighted the need to focus on other people’s strengths and gave me some really practical tips on how to manage my work and team to bring more joy into our days! Anna is a really engaging facilitator, the session was a great mix of theory, activities and discussion. I’d highly recommend!

Key Accounts and Engagement Manager


Anna recently ran a ‘Wellbeing & You’ session with my team at ANZ, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her delivery style resonated with my team and her practical tips have already been put into practice. Anna has an authentic presence and was able to pitch the messaging at just the right level – and I’ve already recommend her to peers!

Risk & Compliance Leader


Anna provided a really engaging and stimulating conversation with our team. I received really good feedback from the team on Anna’s knowledgeable yet entertaining style. It prompted a really good discussion about how the team was travelling, our core values and how to make the best of a difficult situation. It was just the tonic our team needed at this time.

Partner, Real Estate Advisory


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