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Is it This or That?

Previously, we delved into the principles of STRONG, and discovered the strategies that achieve long-term sustainable success. So now, it’s time to consider the flip side… […]


How will you set yourself up to thrive in 2024?

In my last post, I asked you to think about what you need to move closer towards thriving in 2024? So, what are the things that […]


What will we take forward from 2023?

As we make our way towards the end of another year, it’s about now that many of us start thinking of our plans for the 12 […]

team sport

What are we learning from sport?

Recently I submitted the manuscript for my first book to my editor. Although there’s still more work to be done, it took a huge amount of […]

Performance 2

Presence doesn’t equal performance

Some wise words from organisational psychologist, Adam Grant, and one of my heroes. We’ve been experimenting with our teams working away from the office to some […]


There’s a problem with high performance

High performance is everywhere. We see it advertised on sports clothes, in training programs, its all-over social media including LinkedIn, and it’s rife in our workplaces. […]

check in

How are you?

When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see how you’re going? Really going… Often we focus on those around us and their […]

Cot 3

Lessons Beside the Cot

Well hello 2023! I’m back on deck after a lovely Summer holiday and taking some time out from work to spend with my 5 month old […]


Is quiet quitting a cure for burnout?

Have you heard of quiet quitting? I came across this trend a few weeks ago when it was hard to escape it – featuring on the morning […]


How big is your passion pie?

If you were to draw a circle with segments that represent different aspects of your life, how big would the slice for your work take up? […]

change job

What do your workers want?

How to win the war on talent is the million dollar+ question that many leaders are trying to answer right now. We’ve been talking about the Great […]


Are you prepared for hybrid working?

After two very long years, this March we saw the return to the office for many and a glimpse of the hybrid working model. Some were counting down the days […]


2022: The Year of Action

And just like that we’re saying hello to February! That first month flew and I don’t think many could have predicted what we have experienced over the past […]


5 ways to best rest and recover

Do you feel like you’re crawling towards the finish line? Counting down the days until you’re able to take a break?  If so, you’re not alone. Many are feeling […]


How to Prepare for ‘The Great Resignation’

Currently dominating the headlines is ‘The Great Resignation’. The whispers started months ago, yet in recent weeks, it seems as if the alarm bells have started to […]


Why it’s time to find flow

Still feeling ‘blah’? The majority of people are. Many have resonated with the term languishing over recent months. In the surveys I run with teams, it continues to […]


Why optimism is good for you

Whilst we continue to face pandemic-related challenges, optimism can help us cope better. Yet optimism comes with a whole range of other benefits and is great for us, not […]


How to strengthen your relationships at work

As human beings, we have a biological need for social connection. A lot of research would also suggest that our relationships are one of the most […]

bored 2

Are you languishing?

If we rewind to the start of this year, you may recall there was a sense of excitement about; anticipation that 2021 surely had to be […]

love work

How to achieve workplace wellbeing

2020 has had a momentous impact on wellbeing, including the wellbeing of our workplaces. Many have now realised that workplace wellbeing is a virtuous cycle, as […]


What is Wellbeing?

The word wellbeing gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s often misused and as a result it’s misconstrued. Despite a lot of research and discussion, […]


Get Better at Reaching Your Goals

It’s around this time that typically those resolutions we made for the New Year start slipping away. Despite our best intentions and the promises made on […]


Fill Your Cup

Now is the time of year when we begin to reflect on the past twelve months. 2020 has provided each of us with the worst and best kind […]


Stop and Smell the Roses

A lot of people have told me that what they’ve most enjoyed during this tumultuous year has been slowing down. And relishing what this brings like spending […]


Overcoming Pandemic Fatigue

“I’m so tired”. Have you heard anyone say this recently? You may have said it yourself. If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people have […]


Capturing the Power of Cute

Recently it has been uncovered that cute animal videos can help us reduce stress and anxiety. Although we always knew that puppies and kittens made us […]


Creating Habits that Stick

Who said humans were bad at change? Just look at how we’ve adapted to new ways of working and living whilst facing this global pandemic. There […]


How to Check You’re OK

Recently at the start of workshops I have run, I have been asking the audience to take a moment to consider how they’re feeling at that […]


How to Manage Thinking Traps

Negativity is hard to escape these days. And unfortunately, we’re more likely to focus our attention on the bad around us rather than the good. We’re […]


The Upside of Stress

Do you consider stress good? Bad? Or both good and bad? I have been asking this question a lot lately and have found that I always […]


How to avoid burnout amid a pandemic

Burnout is one of the latest buzzwords, a front-burner topic amongst HR professionals, and it has featured in several articles and conversations lately as the biggest […]

wellbeing tips

How to Measure Your Wellbeing

It goes without saying that most of us have seen an increase in our struggles over the past few months… Yet each of our experiences during […]


COVID-19: The Case for Wellbeing

“OK campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ‘cause it’s cold out there…” Although we probably never thought it possible before, many of us […]


Helping by Learning about Aboriginal Culture

As unrest continues in the United States, once again we are reminded of the similar issue of Aboriginal deaths whilst in custody in Australia. Sadly, Indigenous Australians […]


Shaping Your New Reality

As we enter the next phase of this pandemic, no doubt you’ve started to consider what your new reality will look like. It’s becoming clear that […]


Why Hope Matters

Do you think that your future will be better than it is today? And that you can make it so despite any roadblocks you see in […]


Mind Full or Mindful?

Hands up if you’re feeling more tired than usual? If you’re human, your arm will be above your head… Given so much of our mental bandwidth […]

optimism 2

A Good Dose of Optimism

If we want to bounce back from this global pandemic stronger than we were before, we need to remain optimistic. Although it may not protect you […]


Purpose in a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has disrupted our usual activities and attacked our future plans whatever they may have been – travel, business, studies, sporting events etc. So for […]


An Attitude of Gratitude

With all the tragedy unfolding around us, it might seem a little odd or insensitive to suggest that we all need to inject more positivity into […]


Focusing On Our Loved Ones During a Crisis

In a previous post, I spoke about the importance of nurturing your relationships with your colleagues whilst working apart. But what about those that are most […]


Circles and Mindsets

As the novelty of being at home 24/7 starts to wear off, you may have noticed feelings of monotony and boredom starting to set in. You […]


Nurturing your relationships whilst working apart

As working from home becomes the new norm for many of us, employers and employees are presented with a number of unforeseen challenges. Whilst we need […]


Priming the Tigers

The work of Barbara Fredrickson (2001), and other researchers, has told us how important it is to experience positive emotions like joy, hope, pride, amusement, love […]


The Positive Side of Pain?

No life is free from challenges, stress or hardship such as losing a loved one, home or job. And when such events hit, they have the […]


Bouncing Back

When life throws you unexpected difficulties, how do you respond? Do you wallow and let things keep you down, or do you get up and continue […]

you got this

The Key to Achieving Your Goals

Unlike my last post on how to set goals for 2020, this one is going to focus on motivation, which may already be dwindling for you […]


20/20 Vision

How clear is your vision for 2020? And have you already set out your goals for the year ahead? My final post for 2018 spoke about […]

smile 3

A Smile A Day

Forget the apple. What we should be doing instead is forging a smile a day to keep the doctor away. Why? Research has found that people […]


Are Your Responses Undermining Your Relationships?

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes good relationships from poor ones? It may come as a surprise to you that it often has little to do […]


Where’s Your Psychological Safety At?

Are you able to be yourself at work, make mistakes, take risks, ask questions, raise problems or disagree? If your answer is yes, then psychological safety […]


It’s All About The Data

I have just spent two days looking at statistics and research methods at uni. And yes I was pretty surprised to learn that stats are an […]


Are you addicted to your work?

Do you feel like you never truly switch off from work? Does it feel like there is always someone to call or an email to read […]

fish 3

A Fish in Water

Did you know that a sense of belonging was part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? I must have forgotten this but there ‘love and belonging’ is […]


Insides and Outsides

I have a confession to make. I have returned to the world of social media or what I have been known to call the ‘anxiety-breeders’. After […]


Is Grit It?

Have you worked out the formula to success yet? According to the psychologist Angela Duckworth the secret to success has been put down to a combination […]


Who Am I?

At last, there’s a name to describe the emotions I have been experiencing over the past few weeks since leaving my corporate job but just couldn’t […]


Feature Review: The Call to Courage

I have been slightly obsessed with Brené Brown for some time. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard of her before, she isn’t quite a household […]


The Elephant and the Blind Men

How often do you come across someone who makes a statement based on their limited or isolated understanding of a topic and believes it to be […]


Your Health, Your Choice?

One of Positive Psychology’s hopes is for people to understand that they have the ability to take some control of their own wellbeing and health. This […]

bad v good

Is Bad Stronger Than Good?

I’d like you to think about the following two scenarios and choose the one that would have more impact on you? (a) Losing $1000 or (b) […]


Wishin’ and Hopin’

Happy New Year!  We are well into 2019 so now is a good time to reflect on your goals and / or resolutions for this year.  […]


Forget Resolutions

Stick to goals this New Year instead! Rather than committing to a resolution that starts from the 1st January and is forgotten about by February (well […]


Book Review: The Power of Now

Do you ever find yourself trying to escape the present? Rather than concentrating on what you are doing at this very moment, are you listing off […]

thinking bubble

A Tale of Two Mindsets

How do you think about your intelligence, ability and talents? Do you believe these qualities are fixed? Or that they can be cultivated throughout your life? […]


Keep Walking

Who would have thought that Johnnie Walker was interested in studying the impact of joy on progress? Yet in their clip the famous Scotch distiller illustrates […]


Not Yet

I’d like you to think back to a time when you received feedback or a result that made you feel like you had failed. What impact […]


Play To Your Strengths

One of the biggest breakthroughs in psychology and leadership theories over the past decade has been in the area of strengths. Strengths can be defined as […]


In the Business of Wellbeing

There is no ignoring the fact that unwell employees are expensive to organisations. Beyond Blue has found that depression and anxiety alone cost Australian businesses about […]


Gone But Not Forgotten

Every now and then I come across a quote, Youtube clip or snippet from a book that seems to stick in my mind. Holly Butcher’s last […]

rower 3

In The Zone

I’d like you to think about a time when you were fully absorbed in an activity and everything around you disappeared. Your mind would have been […]


The Flogsta Scream

In a small town in Sweden, at exactly 10pm every night, students stop what they’re doing, open their windows and begin to scream into the night. […]


The Third Space

Do you ever leave the office with more than just your hand / laptop / lunch bag? Many of us carry the burden of a hard […]


Happy World Gratitude Day!

Celebrated officially since 1965 on the 21st September every year, World Gratitude Day is dedicated to acknowledging what’s going well in your life. Yet we shouldn’t […]



Today is R U OK?Day. So now is as good a time as any to ask someone how they are going. It is our national day […]


Great Expectations

In case you were wondering, this post isn’t a review of one of Charles Dickens’ most famous novels. It’s actually about the Great Expectations we put […]


Your Why

In another post, I looked at The Power of Purpose and why it is important for everyone to have a purpose. Often referred to as a […]


Be Kind

In a previous post, I explored the wellbeing framework PERMA. One of the elements of this model suggests that if you focus on increasing your experiences […]

busy 3

Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honour

There is a dirty four letter word in the English vocabulary that makes me cringe every time I hear it. Busy. It’s defined as “having a […]


Book Review: How Would Love Respond?

Kurek Ashley has had a pretty remarkable life. Whilst working as a stuntman in a Hollywood block-buster film, he witnessed the death of his five friends […]


From Mindlessness to Mindfulness

Do you ever feel like you are going through life on auto-pilot? That your days are blurred and you’re not sure when or how you even […]


The Other Side of Psychology

Traditionally, Psychology was meant to achieve three things; 1. cure mental illness, 2. improve ‘normal’ lives and 3. identify and nurture high talent. Unfortunately, following World […]

hammer and nails

It’s Not About The Nail

This two minute clip by Jason Headley, It’s Not About The Nail, makes me laugh every time! It highlights the incredible importance of listening – really […]


Money and Happiness – It’s Complicated

What is your view on money being able to buy happiness? Are you for or against this argument? Like me, you may have fallen in the […]


The Circle of Influence v. The Circle of Concern

The Circle of Influence and The Circle of Concern (The Circles) were first introduced to me by Stephen Covey in his hugely popular book The 7 […]


The Yin and Yang of Happiness

Happiness is a complex topic. And what makes it even more so is when some researchers claim that there are in fact two types of happiness […]


The Happy Pie

How would you feel if someone told you that you controlled 40% of your happiness? This may come as a surprise to some given most of […]


The Power of Purpose

If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, what would you do? Think about this for a minute. Those things you listed off in your head, […]


The Lost Generation

What do you think your life will look like in 30 years? I am far from a poetry enthusiast yet Jonathan Reed’s poem “The Lost Generation” […]


The Case of the Imposter

“You’re going to have to come with us. You have been found out. Your time here is up”. “Finally!” you think to yourself as you are […]


Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning

I’m sure you have been given loads of book recommendations over the years that you have either taken on board or left behind. Viktor Frankl’s Man’s […]


The life changing magic of PERMA

Who would have thought that five letters could have such a profound impact on my life? I was first introduced to PERMA in my Positive Psychology […]


Being-well: Reframing wellbeing

Could wellbeing be one of the most overused terms at the moment? Everywhere I look these days; there it seems to be right there in front […]