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I’m an experienced speaker, offering energetic, insightful and entertaining talks that focus on how leaders and teams can thrive. In my keynotes, I blend the latest research with my own personal experience from leading sales teams and working in the corporate sector for a decade. Audiences walk away from my talks inspired and ready to take action with practical and evidence-backed ways to boost their results, and more.

My keynote topics include:

Resilience during Uncertainty
  • Challenges are one of life’s guarantees. So we all need the tools to be able to cope well with the increasing number of setbacks, uncertainty, volatility and change that we face. In this presentation, you will learn what fuels every-day people to not only bounce back from challenges but move forward too.
Optimism: The Secret Ingredient of Success
  • With pressure mounting, and stress and burnout on the rise, there’s never been a more critical time for optimism. In this presentation, you will realise why optimism is not just good but great for us both professionally and personally. And the best news is that optimism can be learned.
The Strengths Shift
  • We’ve all heard the saying ‘play to your strengths’ before. But few of us are truly adopting this strategy. In this presentation, you will uncover what your strengths are and how they can be better leveraged so you can be more confident, motivated and energised, and at your best every day
The Power of Positivity
  • Throughout our days, we are constantly surrounded by negativity. Yet given the benefits, we need to shift our focus to the positive. In this presentation, you will build an understanding of how positive emotions grow our most valuable resources including resilience and wellbeing, and the tiny ways you can pump up the positivity in your day.
Other People Matter (a lot)
  • Our relationships have a huge impact on the way we feel and function, and they’re important for our survival. Yet one of the biggest causes of struggle is other people. Discover how to build high-quality connections with those around you based on key evidence-backed strategies.

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