Do you ever leave the office with more than just your hand / laptop / lunch bag?

Many of us carry the burden of a hard day’s work with us when we arrive home. We open the door highly strung and tense, rather than being relaxed and present with our loved ones.

Dr Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher and has observed thousands of people to determine how they move between the various roles they play in their life.

In a study that specifically looked at how people transitioned between work and home, Dr Fraser found that 26 per cent of those interviewed arrived home in a positive frame of mind. Through further research, he determined that those able to perfect this transition took advantage of a ‘third space’.

The third space is a place you go between two activities, which allows you to regroup and regenerate so you show up with your best self when reconnecting with your family, friends or colleagues. This space doesn’t have to be a state of the art meditation room; it just needs to be a place that allows you to transition between different roles. As an example, you could spend five minutes in your car with the engine turned off before walking in the door. It can last as little as a few minutes and can be where you practise some of the mindfulness techniques mentioned in another post.

In his Ted Talk on the topic, Dr Frasier provides an overview of the third space and its three parts – reflect, reset and rest.

So if you are after some advice from an expert on how you can master the art of transitioning from one activity and bringing your best self to the next, then this clip may be it!