Happy New Financial Year to those who celebrate!

And even if you don’t, and you’re halfway through your own year, now is the time for some reflection if you haven’t already… An opportunity to look back at what you’ve tried over the past 6 months, assess how it went, and use these learnings to adjust and plan for the next half. This is crucial to set you up for success over the long term!

Unlike athletes, we often don’t spend enough time reflecting on our performance even though it’s one of the most important KPIs we have – regardless of our role.

If you’ve been in workshops with me, you’ll know my favorite tool for reflection is The Learning Loop created by my mentors Beck Melville and Dr. Michelle McQuaid (2019). The Loop takes us through 3 phases (Act, Assess, Adjust), reinforces our strengths, normalises struggle, and encourages us to see any setbacks or wins as learnings to inform what we do next so we can move closer towards thriving.

You can test it out for yourself by answering the questions below.

What will you try next?

So often we don’t know what to do or what will help us achieve our goals. To simplify the process of working out the right actions to try next, I’m excited to let you know about the launch of a new survey to measure how STRONG you are!

The survey is a simple yet powerful diagnostic tool that asks questions around the STRONG principles for success. By answering a series of questions related to each principle, you will receive a report highlighting the areas you are doing well in and where you need to focus so you can thrive going forward. There is a version for People Leaders (that looks at how you’re leading your team) and Individual Contributors (that looks at how you’re leading yourself). You can take the Survey by selecting the appropriate button below.

I would love for you to try the survey yourself and, of course, let me know your feedback. You can also share these links with your team members.

And if you’d like to run this survey across your team and look at your collective results, please reach out.

So, how STRONG are you?