Work Savvy Podcast

In this episode with Karen Gately, Anna shares the strategies for building peak-performance sales teams.In particular:

Business Essentials Daily

Traditional sales skills may not be sufficient to overcome the challenges faced by sales teams today. A new approach is needed to end rising disengagement, stress and burnout, and equip sales leaders to lead their teams confidently to success. Leaders need to ensure that their teams have the mindset and toolset – not just the […]

The Career Confidence Podcast

Tough times call for leaders to rise up to the challenge and encourage a sustainable and thriving workplace for their teams. But how exactly can you do this from a practical perspective? In this discussion, I share insights and practical tips on how you can create a thriving work environment, encouraging engagement and optimal performance without […]

Thoughts for Change-Makers Podcast

The six essential skills for sales success have been uncovered in research yet some remain unknown or not focused on by sales teams. In this episode of Thoughts for Change-Makers Podcast, Anna speaks with Lison Mage about the STRONG principles that empower sales teams to achieve better performance and thrive.

Magical Learning Podcast

Optimism can be important but how do we become more optimistic especially when times are tough? In this episode of Magical Learning Podcast, Anna speaks with Jez F.M, Danette Fenton-Menzies, Grahame Gerstenberg and Allen Hunt about the benefits of optimism, the role of optimism, and how leaders can help others get out of a pessimistic […]

The Career Confidence Podcast

You’ve most likely heard of the term “The Great Resignation” this past year, which has sent some workplaces into a panic. In this episode of The Career Confidence Podcast, Anna chats to career coach, Marija Duka, around what this term means and how you can leverage this time in history to benefit your career. They also […]

Clifton Strengths Series

Anna was honoured to be the first guest of the “Clifton Strengths series”, where she shares how she leverages her strengths for performance, engagement and wellbeing with Adiemus Seah. They explored Anna’s top strength of WOO (winning over others) in depth, and how we can all bring the best out in others by knowing their strengths […]

Interview with Behavioural Finance Australia

In this podcast, Anna sits down with Simon Russell from Behavioural Finance Australia to discuss trust and psychological safety at work, which enable greater productivity, innovation, engagement and performance. Anna covers actions that leaders, teams and organizations can all be taking to build these elements.

The Informer

In this TheInformer interview, Anna speaks with Renata Sguario (MaxMe’s Founder) to explore Positive Psychology and how it can be applied in the workplace.