What do you think your life will look like in 30 years?

I am far from a poetry enthusiast yet Jonathan Reed’s poem “The Lost Generation” is one I love and often share. Reed won second place in the American Association of Retired Persons ‘U@50’ contest in 2007, where contestants were asked to create a video that describes what their lives would look like when they turned 50. Reed may have been robbed of first place but his clip has now been viewed more than 11 million times!

The poem only lasts two minutes yet is incredibly powerful. It will challenge your thinking, encourage you to view the future differently and question the priorities in your life. It may start off bleak but upon reversing the words, it delivers a strong message of hope.

My hope is not to be part of a generation that has lost its meaning. But rather a generation whose purpose is to pursue what is important in life.