Capturing the Power of Cute

Recently it has been uncovered that cute animal videos can help us reduce stress and anxiety. Although we always knew that puppies and kittens made us feel good, it’s great to know that there’s now research to back this up. Conducted at the University of Leeds last year during the winter exam period, this study […]

How to Check You’re OK

Recently at the start of workshops I have run, I have been asking the audience to take a moment to consider how they’re feeling at that very moment… The words that come to mind are typed onto their phones, which are then displayed anonymously on the screen as a word cloud, for all to see […]

A Good Dose of Optimism

If we want to bounce back from this global pandemic stronger than we were before, we need to remain optimistic. Although it may not protect you from the coronavirus, optimism can play a role in how your mind and body work during this time. It can be a challenge to be positive about the future […]

The Positive Side of Pain?

No life is free from challenges, stress or hardship such as losing a loved one, home or job. And when such events hit, they have the potential to change the course of someone’s future forever. But not necessarily always for the worse. Adversity can be a positive, it can recalibrate a person’s perspective for the […]

Bouncing Back

When life throws you unexpected difficulties, how do you respond? Do you wallow and let things keep you down, or do you get up and continue on with your life? Resilience is thought of as our ability to bounce back from disappointment, defeat, failure or constant change. Masten and Reed (2002) suggest that resilience can […]