Capturing the Power of Cute

Recently it has been uncovered that cute animal videos can help us reduce stress and anxiety. Although we always knew that puppies and kittens made us feel good, it’s great to know that there’s now research to back this up. Conducted at the University of Leeds last year during the winter exam period, this study […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

With all the tragedy unfolding around us, it might seem a little odd or insensitive to suggest that we all need to inject more positivity into our lives right now. Yet positive emotions can help us cope during challenging times. A study of significantly distressed students after 9/11, showed that those, who experienced more positive emotions […]

Priming the Tigers

The work of Barbara Fredrickson (2001), and other researchers, has told us how important it is to experience positive emotions like joy, hope, pride, amusement, love and gratitude, in order to be more optimistic, resilient, accepting, curious, happier and healthier overall. When it comes to work, positive emotions have also been found to build better […]