And just like that we’re saying hello to February!
That first month flew and I don’t think many could have predicted what we have experienced over the past few weeks…
After some timeout, I’ve kicked off this year feeling refreshed and ready for whatever is thrown at me. But I know not everyone is feeling this way…
Most were looking forward to a well-needed break following two years of prolonged and heightened stress.
Yet many had their holidays disrupted or cancelled, or are scarred from a covid-ridden Summer.
One of my biggest concerns right now is that people are starting the year off with an empty tank. They’re feeling worse than they did at the end of last year, which is even more worrying given 50% of people were either languishing, struggling or burnout at that time.
If 2020 was the year of massive disruption, and 2021 was characterised by ongoing unpredictability and uncertainty, what’s in store for 2022?
What we know for certain is that change and disruption will continue this year (my next webinar will discuss what’s expected to unfold in workplaces over the next 12 months). This will add to people’s demands and the pressure felt, and without the right strategies, this can have a negative effect on wellbeing and more.
So, my hope is that this year is about action. Making progress on the goals set, the resolutions committed to and other promises made in the past, so we can all be better by the end of the year! Better than how we’ve felt over the last 12 months and how we’re feeling now…
Even though this year and every year to come, there’ll be challenges, there’s always opportunities for us, our teams and our workplaces to shift in a positive direction. But we need to take action to make it happen.

So what actions will you take in 2022?

  • What will you do to feel better and function more effectively?
  • How will you build the skills to deal well with challenges?
  • What will you prioritise so you are energised and focused?
  • How will you have a better balance between your work and home life?
  • How will you ensure that the way you want to feel by the end of the year is the way you do?

As a leader, what actions will you take to support your team?

  • What will you do to help your team cope well with increased pressure and ongoing change?
  • How will you decrease the demands (perhaps unintentionally) put on your workers? And how will you increase the resources they need to meet them?
  • What ways will you strengthen connections across your team whilst they’re working physically apart?
  • How will make sure your team is motivated?
  • How will you create a team environment that no one wants to leave and quality talent want to join?

As an organisation, what actions will you prioritise so your workplace thrives?

  • How will you prevent your workers from burnout?
  • What learning and development will you focus on so your teams have the strategies to be at their best?
  • How will you upskill your workers so they can effectively navigate change and challenge?
  • What will be done to ensure that hybrid teams are working well?
  • How will you ensure your people have a strong connection to your mission and purpose?

The first couple of months of the year are typically when goals and priorities are finessed for the 12 months ahead.
In front of you there is a book of blank pages that can be filled with endless possibilities. So how will you choose to fill it?