Can you tailor your job?

Imagine stepping into a high-end boutique to pick up your first tailor-made suit. Up until now, your wardrobe has been filled with off-the-rack options – convenient but never quite perfect… The tailor greets you warmly and leads you to the fitting room. As you slip into the suit, you immediately feel the difference. The fabric […]

Playing to Strengths

We’ve all heard the saying ‘play to your strengths’ before. As someone who focused my Masters on this very topic, I can assure you that it’s more than just a catchy phrase; it’s a game-changing strategy that paves the way for us to thrive. However, it’s much easier said than done. As humans, we’re wired […]

What Do You Need?

In recent conversations with leaders, I’ve suggested a simple yet powerful solution to some of their challenges – asking ‘What do you need?’ of those around them. Surprisingly, in both instances, these leaders hadn’t posed this question. Why? Because they assumed they already knew the answer… As humans, we often fancy ourselves as expert mind-readers, […]

The Good Life: Exploring the Intersection of Purpose and Eudaimonia

One of the fundamental principles of thriving lies in finding and embracing our purpose. In my recent posts, I’ve delved into this topic in more detail, covering why purpose is important (especially in our work), as well as the strategies to uncover our individual purpose and striking the right balance of passion. Yet, there’s another […]

Business Essentials Daily

Traditional sales skills may not be sufficient to overcome the challenges faced by sales teams today. A new approach is needed to end rising disengagement, stress and burnout, and equip sales leaders to lead their teams confidently to success. Leaders need to ensure that their teams have the mindset and toolset – not just the […]

The Career Confidence Podcast

Tough times call for leaders to rise up to the challenge and encourage a sustainable and thriving workplace for their teams. But how exactly can you do this from a practical perspective? In this discussion, I share insights and practical tips on how you can create a thriving work environment, encouraging engagement and optimal performance without […]

Navigating Passion: Balancing Harmony and Obsession

In my last post, I spoke about the importance of understanding your ‘Why’ or purpose in life. It’s crucial for wellbeing and life satisfaction, and one of the key elements needed to thrive. What can help fuel your purpose is passion, which is a powerful driving force that can move you closer towards your goals. […]

What’s your Why?

In recent workshops, teams have identified Goals & Purpose from the STRONG model as one of the key areas they need to focus on to move closer towards thriving. So, when beginning to explore this model in more depth, it seems logical to start here. Simon Sinek, who encourages us to ‘start with why’, would […]

Is it This or That?

Previously, we delved into the principles of STRONG, and discovered the strategies that achieve long-term sustainable success. So now, it’s time to consider the flip side… Just as understanding why STRONG is crucial to thrive, exploring the opposite of these elements can offer valuable insights into what might be hindering our growth and performance. By […]

How will you set yourself up to thrive in 2024?

In my last post, I asked you to think about what you need to move closer towards thriving in 2024? So, what are the things that you need to make this year great? One that is better than the last. Have you figured them out yet? Will they build on what you learnt last year? […]